Additional release notes and errata

The latest versions of Slacko and Slacko64 Puppy Linux have been released! Release Notes

Current versions: slacko-6.3.2 and slacko64-6.3.2

Minimum System Requirements

Recommended for 32 bit: 900MHz processor (P3 or AMD K7), 512MB RAM and either bootable cd access, usb boot or network boot access. A Hard Drive is not required

Recommended for 64 bit: 1.6GHz processor (IA64 or amd64), 1GB RAM and either bootable cd access, usb boot or network boot access. A Hard Drive is not required

Slacko (32 bit) has been known to run on a P3 733MHz processor with 256MB RAM. Slacko does not support old P2 or AMD K6 processors.


  • NEW! UEFI support on the 32 bit and 64 bit iso images! NB: this only supports booting of 64 bit UEFI machines. 32 bit UEFI machines are rare anyway. Legacy BIOS 32 bit machines will still boot.
  • New way to choose default programs with "puppyapps"
  • pTheme global theme manager designed by zigbert (AKA Sigmund Berglund)
  • Improved sound card detection (from wdlkmpx)
  • JWM-2.3.2 window manager from Joe Wing and Rox Filer
  • Run internet apps as unprivileged user "spot", see Menu > System > Login and Security Manager and click the "Help" button.
  • shinobar's on the fly SFS loading and unloading - updated version
  • Well stocked package manager (PPM) with access to Slackware and Salix repositories
  • SFS Manager for extra large packages including LibreOffice and kernel sources
  • 32 bit compatibility libraries for the 64 bit version
  • 3rd party graphics drivers for NvidiaTM and ATI/AMD RadeonTM* cards
  • Firefox ESR browser
  • f2fs* booting and installation.
  • Updates Manager to get the latest patches and fixes for Slackware packages

The recommended method to update Firefox is to download the latest package from PPM. To add SeaMonkey to Slacko use PPM and search the Patches repo for the latest version. If you have already updated it is recommended to remove the older Firefox or Seamonkey package before you upgrade. This helps preserve savefile space.

Which version? 32 or 64?

So which version is best? It all depends on your hardware. Slacko (32) should be fine on most hardware, however if you have over 4GB RAM and a compatible IA64 or amd64 processor then you may want to use Slacko64 verison to take advantage of your processors capabilities.

Known Issues


  • "OS" - operating system such as Puppy Linux (slacko in our case) Ubuntu or Microsoft Windows.
  • "4G" - non pae kernel supporting a majority of CPUs but with a limit of 4 GB RAM seen by the OS.
  • "PAE" - Physical Address Extension - allowing 32bit OS to utilise up to 64GB RAM. Most Centrino (Pentium M) processors DO NOT work with PAE.
  • "FSB" - Front Side Bus - the main bus, or highway if you like, an electrical path way which is responsible for dataflow around the computer. The clock speed frequency is measured in Megahertz (MHz).
  • "Card" - a device that plugs in to the slots on a computer, this can also be integrated into the computer's circuitry.
  • "frugal" - the recommended way to install Puppy Linux where the OS uses a layered filesystem see How Puppy Works.
  • "full" - traditional Linux install that Puppy Linux supports.
  • "PPM" - Puppy Package Manager - the place to download apps
  • "BIOS" - Basic Input/Output System - A program that runs before your computer boots to enable certain settings for your computer, usually started by pressing a special key on the keyboard, this could be Delete, Esc, TAB or some other key.
  • "f2fs" - New Flash Friendly File System developed for Linux by Samsung


Slacko is coordinated by me, Mick Amadio, (01micko on the puppy forum) but it could not be possible with out some fantastic contributors.

Also many thanks to the Woof-CE team consisting of - Karl Godt, mavrothal, SFR, rodin.s, L18L, Iguleder, gyro, wdlkmpx (aka jlist), mrfricks (aka 666philb), zigbert and myself. A special mention goes to jamesbond for help with UEFI support.

Slacko Theming

You can change anything you want! There are several wallpapers and themes included or you can download other themes from the Puppy Package Manager. Our new app pTheme makes theme changing a breeze! Look for it in the menu. Plenty of options !

  • stardust bright
  • stardust bright
  • buntoo
  • buntoo
  • buntoo
  • plain puppy
  • plain puppy
  • stardust dark
  • stardust dark